Festival Ferret (6%)

Ty Gwyn, Herefordshire
tygwyn-festival-ferrettMy thanks to Alex Culpin at Ty Gwyn who kindly offered to send me some samples of his ciders to review.  This is his still draught cider, a dabinett single varietal, which was awarded second place at the Monmouth Show.

It’s reasonably cloudy, with the kind of nose you’d expect from one of the classic bittersweet cider apples; rich and appley.  (Apparently “cidery” is a valid term for describing the nose, but it always seems like a bit of a cop out!)

The taste is mellow and easy to drink, fruity apples with a slight sherbert quality in the finish (that may or may not have been intended – Alex did warn me that this is unpateurised and live so may not travel well) that seems more pronounced when the cider is cooler.  Overall I’d say it was the dry side of medium, but punctuated by sweet and sharp notes, and a touch of earthiness, which give it quite a refreshing character.  There’s a warming quality, which you notice as you take that first sip.

The mouthfeel is quite light, there’s hardly any tannin, which seems strange for a dabinett SV.

A perfectly decent cider, but in common with many single varietals I would prefer something with a little more depth.


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