Somerset Medium Cider (6.5%)

Bridge Farm, Yeovil, Somerset


Having tried a few single variety ciders recently, I’m back to the blends with this one from Bridge Farm.  Not a maker I’m familiar with, but their website says all the right things about its provenance, including links to videos of the production process.

bridge-farm-glass-pStill and straw coloured and in a screw top bottle rather than the usual cap.  A really inviting, rich, appley nose that makes me want to dive right in and taste it.

The initial taste is light, juicy apples, but it’s got a lot more going on.  Dry notes and a slight bitterness in the finish, with sweet notes and a refreshing tanginess.  You’ve really got the whole spectrum of cider flavours in one nicely balanced bottle, plus plenty of tannins which add character.  In fact the mouthfeel is similar to a lightly sparkling cider, without the tannins being at all overpowering.

The producer’s website suggests that this would be a great addition to pubs’ cider offerings and I couldn’t agree more.  One of those ciders that the more casual drinker can appreciate as a nice, refreshing, easy drinking cider (although possibly too easy drinking for 6.5%!), yet to the more discerning drinker who appreciates an expertly blended complex cider, it’s got so much more to offer.  There’s a lot to like about this cider, and I’m intrigued to try their 3.8% bottle conditioned session cider.

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