Maeloc Dulce (4.1%)

Maeloc, Galicia, Spain


(I wrote this during my recent holiday but didn’t post it, for some reason, so apologies for the further #holidayspam even though I’m home!)

A fizzy keg cider served in a the kind of place you would expect to get nothing better than Somersby at home, I wasn’t expecting much. But it turns out that this stuff is full unconcentrated juice and pretty decent.  €4 for a pint in this particular bar, £3.20 at the time of writing, which is cheaper than you can get industrial rubbish at home.

This is the sweet (dulce) variant, but it isn’t excessively sweet.  It’s got a respectable amount of body and dry notes in and amongst the more prominent sweet and acidic notes to provide very welcome depth.  The sweetness doesn’t seem artificial and overall there is a nice balance.

A refreshing, decent, sidra apparently made in the style of traditional Celtic ciders, using Raxó, Príncipe, Peró, Rabiosa and Verdeñ apples from the Galicia region of Spain.  It turns out it’s made by the same people as the Estrella Galicia beer.

Carling, Carlsberg and Stella take note – this is how to do it.


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