2015 Vintage Cider (6%)

McCrindle’s, Gloucestershire


I’ve previously reviewed the 2014 vintage and enjoyed it, although I noted a surprising lack of tannins felt it was lighter than the dry and full bodied description suggestion. So let’s see what 2015 brings.

mccrindles2015_btl.jpgGolden, with a light sparkle and a fresh, inviting, fruity ripe apple nose.  The taste is more like the label suggests than what I found in my previous review, with a satisfyingly complex flavour.  A rich, dry, flavour with plenty of depth, subtly lightened by sharp notes which cut through to add a refreshing quality.  Lots of tannins join the party too.  There’s an oaky smokiness in the mix too, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had spent some time in oak vats.  Quite a heavy mouthfeel, it’s not one that you want to be gulping down, but that’s no criticism at all, there’s so much going on here that you want to enjoy it.

I ended my review of last year’s batch with the line “A good, complex, interesting cider from a small producer – what’s not to like?” – and that absolutely still stands.  Look forward to trying the 2016 vintage next year.


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