Farmhouse (7%)

Ramborn Cider, Born, Luxembourg


A tweet popped into my mentions a few weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in reviewing some cider from Luxembourg.  Obviously the answer was “yes”, and Adie from Ramborn cider has kindly sent me some samples of their cider.

dsc06006rambornfarmhouseI’m excited to try them, because reading the website it seems that the guys at Ramborn are reviving a lost cider making tradition in the village of Born, and they’re doing things properly, primarily using the Rambo apple, which presumably explains the origins of their name.  Apparently the movie franchise of the same name was named after the apple.

I’m trying the Farmhouse cider today, which is described as dry and good for pairing with strong mature cheeses and cured meats.  I particularly appreciate the “no need for ice” plea on the bottle.

Lightly sparkling (the bottle admits to it being lightly carbonated, although the website points to the Rambo apple being particularly good for sparkling ciders) it’s clear and golden.

The nose is not particularly prominent, quite difficult to pin down and describe but there is definitely some stewed and sharp apple aroma in there.  The taste is unusual too, initially you get a nice medium apple flavour, but then it develops, revealing sharp apple notes, a touch of sourness, some more stewed apples and more sharpness and a little bitterness in the finish, and maybe a touch of spirit giving a warming quality.  There’s a bit of tannin, but it’s subtle.  There is pretty much everything here except sweetness, overall it’s a complex, fresh taste, with loads of flavour, although it’s not bone dry and nicely balanced.

The pairing notes on the bottle are spot on, I could see a nice bit of Stilton going down very nicely with this.  Every sip of this cider is different, there are so many flavours going on in here and developing as it warms up a little.

This isn’t the easy drinker you would use to introduce somebody to the joys of proper cider.  It’s challenging, but in a good way.

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