CM Blend (5.8%)

Ramborn, Born, Luxembourg


The second of the samples I was sent from Luxembourg, this is Ramborn’s CM Blend, described as medium dry, and crisp, sparkling and fruity yet dry.  All sounds very promising.

ramborn-cm-bottleIt’s pale, clear, bright and lightly sparkling, with a juicy, slightly stewed aroma that reminds me of sweet apple pie filling.  The taste continues the fruity, sweet apple pie theme, but the sweetness isn’t excessive or overwhelming in any way.  You have dry notes in the mix, and it’s punctuated by slightly sharp juicy notes which develop and add a refreshing quality.  It’s very nicely balanced, not too sweet or sharp, and there’s a decent dose of tannins in here too, which helps to lend a little more depth to the cider.

The label says “crafted with passion”, but there’s some real skill on display here too in how it’s been blended from a range of varieties – including Rambo – and balanced.  It’s a great, really tasty, refreshing cider, with nice depth and satisfying complexity that is rather too easy to drink.

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