Somerset Blend (6.4%)

Ramborn Cider, Luxembourg


ramborn-somerset-bottleThe last of the three ciders kindly sent to me by Ramborn ciders sounds like something unique: dessert and cider apple varieties from Luxembourg blended with traditional Somerset cider apples.  Described as bright and medium dry, it’s sparkling and pretty lively with a big mousse that looks more fitting for lager than cider, and doesn’t entirely dissipate.

The nose is fresh apples, fruity and inviting.  The taste fits the advertised medium dry description nicely.  Light, fresh apple flavours, but with bittersweets, dryness and hints of juicy sharpness that are nicely balanced.  It’s subtle and delicate whilst still feeling somewhat robust.

Tannins are present but subtle, and fit in with the overall balance nicely.  Obviously the work of an expert blender, it’s complex, refreshing and moreish – what’s not to like?

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