National Trust Dry Vintage Cider (7.4%)

Lyme Bay, Exeter
nattrust-bottleA Christmas present from my sister and brother-in-law, this is made for the National Trust by Lyme Bay from traditional bittersweet apple varieties, Yarlington Mill, Kingston Black and Dabinett.  It’s a still cider, presented in a half litre flagon style bottle.

The nose is a rich, deep apple aroma, as befits a proper westcountry cider, with a touch of astringency. The taste is dry as advertised, but quite fruity and smooth, and nicely rounded, so it’s less challenging than I might have anticipated.  The astringency is there, in the finish, along with a hint of sharpness.  Tannins are a lot less prominent than I would have expected from these classic cider apple varieties.

All in all, pretty decent, although I suspect this may by Jack Ratt Vintage with a different badge.


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