Duddas Tun (5%) and Tenterden (5.7%)

Duddas Tun, Kent
Gibbet Oak, Kent


It’s been a while since I’ve posted any reviews on here, so here goes with two ciders made by Kent based producers which I have not previously encountered.

duddas_glass.jpgDuddas Tun proudly state on their bottle that this cider is made from 100% pure apple juice, a practice I very much approve of, and I wish more makers of proper cider made that statement as boldly.  Comprehensive tasting notes tell that it’s blended from varieties including Bramley and Katy, giving an easy drinking, sparkling cider.

duddas_label.jpgA helpful graphic gives even more tasting notes.  It describes the nose as mellow ripe apples, I would add in adjectives like acidic, cictric and astringent.  The taste is said to be crisp, refreshing green apples, and I can’t disagree with that.  It’s certainly easy drinking, with nice rounded flavour.  It’s juicy, with a nice, not excessive, sharpness.  A pleasing amount of tannins gives a pleasant mouthfeel, and overall I can’t disagree with “crisp and refreshing”.

Although you might associate Kent and these apple varieties with an eastern counties style of cider, I would suggest that this is somewhere between the westcountry and eastern counties styles, with tannic complexity as well as the characteristic sharpness.  Light and easy drinking, it’s a very tasty, pleasant cider with a low ABV, and I can see why it won a Great Taste award last year.
Gibbet Oak’s Tenterden is much more mysterious in terms of tasting notes, with just “medium cider” as a description.  It’s a pale yellow colour, slightly cloudy.  The nose is quite understated and mellow, it doesn’t give much away beyond some subtle apple notes.

This is more of an eastern counties cider, with a much less complex flavour.  Medium is a fair description, and it’s a nice juicy flavour with fresh apples, and small hints of sharpness.  Not a great deal of tannin, and there is a slight hint of syrupiness (is that a word?) in the mouthfeel.

It’s perfectly pleasant, competently made, easy drinking cider, but so lacking in character that it is difficult to say much more.


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